August 19th, 2002

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The past few days have been pretty cool.

Hollie finally met Aymon and they get along great. Wicked cool. We went shopping on Friday at Granet Run and had a fun time buying new wardrobes and looking badass like that.

Saturday was chaotic. Collapse )

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I'm really behind on my reading. I don't know why I keep on buying books when I have more left to read. I have two overdue library books that I've been meaning to read and two huge books sitting on my shelf, yet I bought two more yesterday. I suck. :-p

Although it seems as though I've been keeping busy, I'm a bit bored. It seems like I'm constantly running from point A to point B to point C without getting a chance to accomplish anything at any of those points. If that makes any sense. It probably doesn't.

I'm looking forward to returning to school. Perhaps it's because I've fooled myself into thinking that I'll accomplish more in school? That's probably not going to happen. Let's review my list of just things related to my major that I have ment to do yet have not yet:
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Hrmph. And where exactly did my summer go? I know I put it somewhere around here. I remember specifically planning to complete all of the above, read many-a-book, hack the planet, and hang out with people who I either had not seen in forever or whom I never got around to hanging out with before for previous reasons.

This shouldn't be taken as whining or anything like that. It's just that I feel like I've been rather unproductive lately and that annoys me a bit.
illo me

Help me. He is hurting my head.

Call #1

Me: Hello, computer lab. Chaz speaking.
Fielding: Hello. I am trying to save something to a disk. I tried saving it to a floppy disk but it was too big. I have two CD drives here. Which one can I save to?
Me: (thinking: "Save to CD? You're going to need to burn it... Sigh. Bah.")
I am not sure which one is your CD Burner, Doctor Fielding.
Fielding: Oh. Ok. I think it's the bottom one.
Me: Ok.
Fielding: It's asking me to put in a disk.
Me: Did you put in a disk?
Fielding: Yes.
Me: Did you try the other one.
Fielding: Well.. ok. Thank you.
Me: You're welcome, Doctor Fielding.

Call #2
Me: Hello, computer lab. Chaz speaking.
Fielding: Hello. It is telling me to save this to disk, but I can't figu..
Me: What are you trying to save to disk?
Fielding: This program I downloaded. Real One Player.

Could someone come over here and please shoot me? Please? That would be really swell. :-p