December 19th, 2002

illo me

Political Science can be amusing

The founder and leader of the LDPR is Vladimir Zhirinovsky, whose popularity in the early 1990s attracted comparisons with the rise of Hitler in Germany in 1933. Zhirinovsky threatened to launch nuclear attacks on Japan and Germany, spoke of taking Alaska back from the United States, and promised to respond to feminism by finding husbands for all unmarried women.

For some odd reason, I find that last bit funny beyond all belief.

Does that make me a bad person? :-p
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illo me

Finals, finals, finals! Arg!

I think I'm pretty well versed on most of the review sheet for Political Science. I think I'm definitely going to keep track of the days I miss next semester. :-p What I'm doing now is reading through the countries I am not as familiar with in the book, especially those that are in the example essays. I think I can handle multiple choice pretty well, but essays I am not quite as sure about.

I think Graham sums up my thoughts on Discrete Math:

RustRage (10:45:44 PM): okay, now for the bad part
RustRage (10:45:51 PM): I just looked at the sample final for the first time
RustRage (10:45:55 PM): I forget discrete math
RustRage (10:45:57 PM): like all of it
RustRage (10:46:17 PM): but whatever, i need sleep for mass media
RustRage (10:46:23 PM): see you later man

I took a look at the example exam a few minutes before he said that, and had similar thoughts. Oh well. My Political Science exam is at 8:30, and my Discrete Math exam is not until 2:00. That gives me some studying time inbetween. I'm sure that going over the exam will refresh my memory. Read "I'm sure" as "I hope".

But, yeah. I'm glad that after tomorrow I won't have to think for another month, but I'm not looking forward to going home. It's the old adage of "College would be great if it weren't for the classes", eh?

hrm. Did I mention that I dyed my hair black? I don't think I did. Oh well. I did that like 2 weeks ago. :-p It brings out my striking eyes. ;)

Gods. I figure that if I go to bed at 12, I should be able to wake up at 8 and get to my 8:30 final. So that means I have less than 40 minutes to finish reading up on Nigeria and Egypt. What am I doing posting at a time like this? Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg!
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