December 23rd, 2002

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no. last 4 q1 q2 q3 q4 q5 q6 QzAv Test 1 Test 2 Rpt MC e1 FinalEx FinalGR GRADE
27 *   40 100   70 55 66.3 78.1 67.8 75 81.3 88 83.6 75.1 C

Good. I passed that one, at least. Now all the rest of my prof's need to post grades. Well, besides Karate and Kapps, who posted by a fake SSN which I lost. Bah!
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wow. today has been.. ahem, interesting.

Somewhat chronological, somewhat out of order:
  • Now know 3.5 of my 5 grades. Assembler is the .5, because I can see it but I don't know which one is mine. Those are: 2 credits = B+, 4 credits = A, 3 credits = C. 8 credits unknown, but 4 don't matter because if I get a B or less, I'm so fucking contesting.
  • I didn't sleep until 1 last night. That lead to me not waking up happy and refreshed like how I wanted to. I don't remember if I took a nap yesterday. I suppose I must have.
  • I should not have called yesterday.
  • I am out of job until January 2nd. Larry decided to let me know TODAY that the lab will be closed from today until January 2nd.
  • He still is unsure what hours, if any, he can give me when he decides to reopen the lab.
  • I am contemplating getting a second job even though I know it won't start at least for another two weeks so I can make up for lost time and will most likely leave me way blah. Which would need to be in the evening, if I want to avoid conflicting with the lab job.
  • I don't like walking home from Upper Darby/69th Street any more than the first time I did it, in 6th grade, or the last time I did it, last summer. Not that I mind the walk that much, I just don't like that much quiet time. That, and..
  • When I was a few blocks from my home, I definitely smelled pot coming from a circle of kids who couldn't have been older than 12. Not near 69th, mind you. We're talking a few blocks from Springfield and Baltimore. The fuck?
  • I don't like bums trying to start conversations with me on the MFL. There is no way you are older than 40, and you're probably closer to 35. There is no way that you were in Vietnam, so don't pretend you are. You aren't impressing anyone. The words, "Note to self: get small sharp weapon, not entirely unlike knife or dagger, as christmas present from self to self. I'm worth it." kept of flashing through my head.
This is a random quote of my dad after telling him about my 3.5 grades, in reference to the remaining 1.5 I have yet to find out about:
"Man, you can do anything. I mean it. Well, I mean except maybe play basketball or something."
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Shit. A in Disc Math. What the fuck? WHAT THE FUCK?


Ok, I know a C is going in there, plus whatever I got for assembler, but as of right now, I 'officially' have a 3.87 for this semester. :-p Nice.

Depending on how horrible my assembler grade is, I might actually end up with a better GPA than my first semester. How the fuck did that happen?!

hah. I should go knock on wood or something. I'll probably now end up with a -1bazillion in assembler. :-p

One thing I forgot to ask before. Ay, Michelle. What section of IH1 are you guys taking? I'm in 58 right now, which meets Tuesday, Thursday 11:40 - 1:00, but I'm in no way attached to that section.

Hah. For some reason, it feels very wrong to play George Carlin movies here. I should find my headphones. :-D