January 21st, 2003


Graham is my favoritest person in the whole wide world.

Chaz Meyers: did you buy your books today?
RustRage: yep
RustRage: 134.99 for both of them
RustRage: er 139.99
Chaz Meyers: just for the 223 books?
Chaz Meyers: the 207 is about 100 on it's own.
Chaz Meyers: drat.
RustRage: just for the 223
Chaz Meyers: God damn it.
RustRage: yeah I didn't even check out the 207 one
RustRage: didn't have enough money
Chaz Meyers: This blows.
RustRage: lol
RustRage: yeah I know
Chaz Meyers: I have physics this semester too.
Chaz Meyers: 120 for that one.
Chaz Meyers: Bah!
RustRage: wait, what kind of physics?
Chaz Meyers: 84.
RustRage: does it use the Giancoli text?
Chaz Meyers: Yes.
Chaz Meyers: Do you have it??
RustRage: got you covered
Chaz Meyers: Nice!
Chaz Meyers: You are my favorite person right now.

So, my book bill is back down to 240 + IH. Much better than 360 + IH.

Oh, and a definitely have issues. Been using 'nix waaaaay too much lately. The clock on this computer isn't right, so I tried to use a regex in Notepad to get rid of them. :-p
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