April 15th, 2003

illo me


I'm impressed that I managed to get up in time for my 8:10 midterm even after forgetting to set my alarm. Yay!
I still feel like a complete boob for missing it in the first place by mixing up the dates. Bad Chaz! Fortunately, that class seems to finally be stepping away from material that is review from previous classes. There was even stuff on the midterm I needed to refer to the class notes to quickly teach myself.

All in all, I think I did pretty well considering that I haven't shown up for the class since the last midterm and hadn't studied all that much. I think the test is out of 100. I missed about 16 points in short answer questions. Heh. Lots of it was stupid mistakes (I inserted improperly into a bst, and forgot that a sorted array can be searched with a binary search. doh!), although some questions I was unprepared for (Huffman coding? Eh. I doubt I'll ever see that again.).

The programming section still needs to be graded, but I don't think I'm going to lose too many points there, and I know I got the extra credit problem right. Rawk.

I feel kind of bad, though, because I know I could've aced that like it's my job, and I'll probably end up with a low B or a C. Still better than getting nothing, considering that I missed the original. I consider myself to be mad lucky.

Later today I'll be dropping my second class for this semester, which will bring me down to 8 credits for this semester. Fortunately, I took enough credits last semester that this I'm still fulltime! Still, I feel like such a bum.
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