December 3rd, 2003

illo me

stupid kids and their thrifty fingers.

So, I get home and the Chef's bed is gone, along with his clothes. But he said he'd be taking the clothes home to do laundry there. The bed being gone, though, is definitely weird.

But, we figure, hey. They TV is here and so is his CD Player.

Well, it seems likely that he took a chunk of Bitner's DVD collection with him.

Chances are that The Chef is not going to be paying the deposit and the rent: entirely likely.
illo me

Theft update.

Total tally of stuff owed because of the Chef:

$660 worth of rent.
$330 deposit
34 (?!?!) of Bitner's DVD's.
Maybe one of my DVD's, we're not sure on that one.
~$30 in groceries
$35 in cable/internet/basic phone
$45 long distance to Canada. This is the most baffling bit to me. Canada is in our local calling plan. We pay a fair amount to have all of the United States and Canada on a flat rate, since the alternative would be to pay long distance for any of us to call home. What this guy did was called the operator, had the operator connect him to a Canadian operator, and then had that Canadian operator connect him to his friend. So now we're paying an extra $45. The hell?