January 8th, 2004

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While doing some research, I stumbled upon Macromedia's ActionScript Coding Standards [pdf] [googleized html]

The Macromedia Flash MX ActionScript editor has built-in code completion support. In order to take advantage of this, variables must be named in a specific format. The default format is to suffix the variable name with a string that indicates the variable type. Below is a table of supported suffix strings. Supported suffix strings for code completion </td>_date</td>
Object typeSuffix stringExample

Wow. I was wondering why they didn't hack anything so that non-predefined variables would get that popup menu. They just forgot to document how to trigger it. :-P
Well, hopefully they have something more intelligent in mx2004. I read somewhere that AS2.0 is a strongly typed language (huh? based on EMCA?) so it should be able to prompt by keeping track of the type of everything like how Visual Studio does. Ha. Extensions. Who would ever use such a silly convension? ;)