March 4th, 2004

illo me

Nothing like cancelled 8:40's...

Yeah. Definitely showed up at class to be greeted by a message on the chalkboard:
"Class @ 8:40 cancelled by Dr. Ruth"

Oh well. We hates that class anyway, yes we do. So, if anyone's on campus, awake, and not in class between now and 10:10, hola, yo.

I really wish I brought my networking text book. I think I'm completely fine with the material, but I got this big chunk of time and double checking what I know would probably be the best way to spend it.

Yesterday was pretty awesome. For my first class, we had a substitute. My professor's wife is having a baby, and it seems like there were complications. :( Two classes had already been cancelled, hence the sub. So, he basically was like, "Hey, I have a bunch of questions you need to do. Get into groups, and two groups will do each question. In 20 minutes, pick a speaker to present to the class." No one in my group had read, which made me not feel so bad about not reading. The reading that addressed our question was only 10 pages or so, so we all read during our 20 minutes and towards the end exchanged some basic ideas. I came across as knowing what I was talking about, so they were like, "You! Speak." The other group who had our question basically choked and they were like, "Ok, do you want to pick it up?" All the other groups had something written down already, so I basically just rambled on the topic for a looong time, talking about stuff that I don't think people in my group picked up on. Nice. :)

I think I'm getting more used to being a tenor in choir. I really need to take some time out and just plunk out the t2 part of movement 1, though. I always am afraid I'm going into the b1 part since t1 at the begining is low enough that it could be b1. If that makes any sense.

I really love these Dell keyboards. I wonder how much they cost to buy seperately.

Yesterday, I explained to Mike the theorems related to Magisty and It's Feeding Habits. Expect a whitepaper sometime in the near future. :)

On Monday, we got a huge extension on the proxy server lab. It's now due the Monday after break. Nice. I'm still not sure why mine is sucking so much, though. :( Is it just me, or is Content-Length not reliable? And.. are the headers of Chunked Encoding allowed to be gzipped?? I think that's what does when redirecting to

Hopefully hopefully hopefully RF will be /finished/ this weekend. I daresay I will go crazycrazy if it doesn't. :)