February 4th, 2005

blue, tired

ljArchive statistics.

ljArchive is fun. It archives all of your entries and comments, and then you can run statistical tools on your posts and/or comments.

It generated the following graph, which I found somewhat disturbing.

It looks like my journal is due to whither up and die sometime this year. How sad. I either need to be more interesting so I have more stuff to write about, or I need to start making burial arrangements.


The same program also tells me who comments the most. Props go out to:
  1. duckssaymip
  2. paininbutt
  3. anonymous
  4. tomas360
  5. qsical
  6. catch2002
  7. atroposmoirae
  8. princessape
  9. iseebi
  10. bbfrombkln

Those people are the top 10 commenters. Of course, anonymous isn't really an LJ-user, and atroposmoirae has been dead for several years. But, uh, yeah. Thanks to the rest of you for making me feel like I'm not writing to myself.


Is it just me or is Semagic looking more and more like MS Word with every release? I hate writing in word processors.


There, Mike. I have an icon that looks somewhat like me now. Happy? Enjoy it while you can. It's getting replaced soon with something happier looking, though, so enjoy it while you can.


Why do keyboards have an accent/tilde key, but do not have an ellipsis key? Outside of programming and some shells, I cannot think of a time when you would need an accent or a tilde that is not connected to another character.
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