Chaz Meyers (cpm) wrote,
Chaz Meyers

Work today has been long and boring. Nothing interesting happening. Bah! At least I only have another 40 minutes. Well, if I really wanted to, I could leave and no one would notice. Seriously.

I doubt my boss is even here today. No one really knows what he does. God damn appointed positions. Temple politics suck the big one.

My dad and Chris both think Fielding is hitting on me. Heh. Whether or not that's true, he's still annoying and creepy, even for a dentist. :-p

Rehearsals are moving along. There are (quite) a few parts I'd like to suck less, but it's coming together. It'll be a good show. In a few days, I'll waste an entire entry to whore for the show. Mmm hmm. I bet you can hardly wait.

I'm busy, but I'm still not productive.

I made this. Less fruity, more graphics, but still not heavy. Even if I decide that I like it enough to replace this, it won't matter because I'll get tired of it and change it around again in a month or so. So, effectively, I'm being about as productive as a chicken running around with it's head chopped off.

I was talking to Graham and he helped me decide what my next project could be. It'll be wicked cool because I'll have to learn a bunch of shit to get it done, but it'll be productive and it'll be something I'll actually use. Imagine that!

Bah. Shaun screwed some stuff up on the new computer. Installed shit I didn't want him to and somehow screwed up aim. It's my fault, though. Should've remembered to log out. He wouldn't have had the priv's with his account. Well, even if he did before in the Users group, he definitely doesn't now in the Guests group. Mwaha.

Friday is going to be fun. =w=00t!

I imagine I am going to be very cranky next week. Buyer beware! :-p

Well, well, well. Down to 15 minutes. Score.

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    Mon, 12:48: Well, that was an unexpected turn.

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    Fri, 20:07: I made my first comment on a YouTube video. It got 132 upvotes and 28 comments. The clout is definitely already going to my head.

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