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Why yesterday sucked...

It started out as a pretty decent day, until about 2:00.

I was driving Aymon to the Greyhound on the way home from work. We're driving on Roosevelt, which is a suckass street to begin with. Aymon says something to me. I thought he told me to turn, so I go to turn right. Then, he's like "Why are you turning right?", which I took to mean I was supposed to turn left. So I signaled and started to go left. But then he's like "We're supposed to go straight." As I straighten out, car in the left lane keeps on going and hits me. Not cool. Plus, my fault. Even less cool.

So, we get out, and it turns out I have two dents and he has some scraped paint. The problem is, he's got a brand new Mercedes, so he's freaking out at me. Basically, he's yelling at me and the general surrounding area about how he's only had this car for 2 weeks, how many grands it cost him, how he just spent 2 grand just to put up a fence around where he parks, how this is going to cost thousands of dollars to fix, and how he doesn't need this shit. This continues 30-40 minutes until the local authorities arrive.

Blah blah blah. Typical police stuff. Fill out information. Get information. More of him freaking out. His sister hits on Aymon. (?!?) Me and guy disagree on economics. He insists that the key to everything is capitalizing and exploiting other people. Blah blah blah. About 3:30, we finally leave.

Around 4ish, we get to the Greyhound. He had already missed the 2:30 bus he was hoping for, but there was another one coming at 6. As he gets out and I drive away, he shouts that he thinks his cell is in my car. Note that we're downtown in the middle of rush hour, so people were all honky left and right and there was no place to pull over to check. So I tell him to follow me around the block. I try to go completely around the block, but the city didn't seem to like that.

To go around the block, you need to make 4 turns. The first turn went fine. The second turn, the car in front of me is about to turn right, so I get behind him/her. They decide not to turn until the light changes, allowing no time for me to turn without getting pummelled by traffic perpendicular with me. This is a problem because I'm in the cross walk. At this point, a lady with a mentally handicapped and disabled guy in a wheel chair try to cross. I get repremanded by the lady for blocking the ramp. I try to inch forward so they can cross, nearly getting smitted by the perpendicular traffic. Ho.
Approaching the third turn, I was stuck in the left lane. A problem if you're trying to make a right. So, I put on my signal and hope someone will be kind and let me in. Of course, that did not happen. I approach the end of the block and my signal is still on. The light changes to red and I'm right next to a long row of buses. At this point, I hear this creepy voice saying "Hey, you!" Finally, I realise the creepy voice is coming from the bus driver way up above me. Kinda annoying, considering that I could only see the guy's tire. Geez. So, he's shouting at me, "HEY! WHY AREN'T YOU IN THE RIGHT LANE???" Gaaaaah!! So turn off my signal and get sucked into the big circle around City Hall, got dumped back onto N. Broad, and headed home.

I get home around 5. Turns out the guy called my insurance before I even had a chance to get home. I'm betting he called from the site. That's just rediculous. So, I explain everything that happened to my dad, and he tells me to run to the CVS to fill a bunch of perscriptions. Keep in mind that I was supposed to be at the HS between 6 and 6:30. So, I get caught in traffic and don't get to CVS until 5:40, and they tell me it'll take 20 minutes to fill. Screw that! So, I headed back home to grab my first meal of the day (a peanut butter and jelly sandwich) and head to pick up Hollie and go to the HS.

My bad day, fortunately, had little to no effect on the rest of the show.

After the show, I go to bring my stuff out the back like how I always do and got locked in the storage room for 15 minutes or so. Bah! Then, I went to meet Alex at Cosi's (which I never been to before) and couldn't find it. We gave up looking around 12.

And, with it being 12 my bad day was finally over. Bah!

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