Chaz Meyers (cpm) wrote,
Chaz Meyers

What have I been up to?

Not much, really.

I got in touch with yoyoMarc-with-a-c the other day. Looks like he's bringing a fridge to our room. Score!

Weds, as indicated by the previous post, I went to Dorney. Tuesday night I went over Chris' house. We chilled with a bunch of his friends and went swimming for a bit. They seem like a decent bunch of people.

Then, Weds I drove up with Chris and Becca to Dorney. Chris is a crazy driver. Completely smoked the broken down station wagon of people coming with us. We ended up ditching them because they were silly hohos. :) Everyone flocked to the water park, so we had no lines on the dry rides. Score! Unfortunately, Becca got heat stroke, but wars have casualties. Tis life.

Yesterday, I brought Hollie's computer in to get windows reinstalled. Didn't work out too well, since we couldn't get it to detect the stupid ethernet port. Silly compaqs! I'm going to try slapping 2k on it instead of 98. Hopefully, that'll have more luck driverwise. Compaq's a ho for having no drivers on their site. Bahneenery!

Chillin' with Hollie and Aymon tonight. Risk? Perhaps. yay.

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