Chaz Meyers (cpm) wrote,
Chaz Meyers

Help me. He is hurting my head.

Call #1

Me: Hello, computer lab. Chaz speaking.
Fielding: Hello. I am trying to save something to a disk. I tried saving it to a floppy disk but it was too big. I have two CD drives here. Which one can I save to?
Me: (thinking: "Save to CD? You're going to need to burn it... Sigh. Bah.")
I am not sure which one is your CD Burner, Doctor Fielding.
Fielding: Oh. Ok. I think it's the bottom one.
Me: Ok.
Fielding: It's asking me to put in a disk.
Me: Did you put in a disk?
Fielding: Yes.
Me: Did you try the other one.
Fielding: Well.. ok. Thank you.
Me: You're welcome, Doctor Fielding.

Call #2
Me: Hello, computer lab. Chaz speaking.
Fielding: Hello. It is telling me to save this to disk, but I can't figu..
Me: What are you trying to save to disk?
Fielding: This program I downloaded. Real One Player.

Could someone come over here and please shoot me? Please? That would be really swell. :-p

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