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Chaz Meyers

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[Aug. 21st, 2002|08:18 pm]
Chaz Meyers
Two days ago, I broke my computer.
Yesterday, Chris fixed it.
Today, my mouse is occationally disapearing. Not cool.
Tomorrow, chillin like a villian over Chris'. Get to hang out with some fun people and get mad mp3's off of Chris' huge win2k based network.

I'm sick of portland.co.uk. "You get what you pay for," though, so I guess I have little cause to complain. I think I'm going to look for some just-domain-email-hosting company.

I don't really care about web hosting. I got portland.co.uk because astro didn't let me play with SQL and cgi perl scripts, but now I think I'll set up apache on my own machine to do that sort of stuff. What I do still want, though, is reliable email delivery to thechaz.net addresses. It just makes life easier with filtering and fun stuff like that. It doesn't even need to provide a mail drop. I'm happy with mail being forwarded to my temple account. Very reliable and I have IMAP filters already set up over there.

Heh. Wow. That was dull. :) School is coming soon..

From: julietbelle
2002-08-22 06:36 am (UTC)
And I questioned why you were so late. Always on the fuckin' computer. I should've known, and yet I am still surprised at times. Sometimes I don't understand you, my dear. But I always wuv ya! Well, be safe tonight! I care:-*
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