Chaz Meyers (cpm) wrote,
Chaz Meyers

I'm fucking scared of my cis prof...

Copy and pasted since I don't like redundant typing.

Chaz Meyers (1:45:02 PM): i'm fucking scared of my cis professor.
Kandy Kane 66 (1:45:20 PM): haha
Kandy Kane 66 (1:45:21 PM): why???
Chaz Meyers (1:45:25 PM): get this.
Chaz Meyers (1:45:30 PM): cell phone rings in class.
Chaz Meyers (1:45:41 PM): his eyes perks up. he's like "oh, is that a cell phone?"
Kandy Kane 66 (1:45:55 PM): right...
Chaz Meyers (1:46:01 PM): the kid's like "yeah". he's already turning off the ringer.
Chaz Meyers (1:46:10 PM): prof's like "hey, can i see that for a sec?"
Kandy Kane 66 (1:46:14 PM): ok...
Chaz Meyers (1:46:26 PM): he gets this big grin and is like "i'm an electrical engineer. i know how to make these not ring"
Chaz Meyers (1:46:33 PM): puts it on the floor and stomps on it.
Kandy Kane 66 (1:46:56 PM): what?!?
Chaz Meyers (1:47:00 PM): exactly.
Kandy Kane 66 (1:47:05 PM): that's nuts!!
Chaz Meyers (1:47:10 PM): yes, i know.
Chaz Meyers (1:47:13 PM): it's completely fucked up.
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