Chaz Meyers (cpm) wrote,
Chaz Meyers

So, you want to know me?

- last movie you saw:
It was some movie that was on Comidy Central. I don't remember it's name.

- last movie you saw on the big screen:
Austin Powers 3. Not good. Not bad. It was 'eh'.

- last phone number you called:
The last number I literally dialed was my house this morning, but I sent a text message to Creppert about an hour ago.

- last show you watched on TV:
That movie I don't remember.

- last song you heard:
Gah! I do not remember the last MP3 I played before I left. :-p

- last thing you had to drink:
Water! mmm mmm good. :)

- last thing you ate:
The last thing I had was a SAC pizza.

- last time you showered:
This morning. Yay for being clean. :)

- last time you cried:
Egad. I guess.. probably last winter. Eiw.

- last time you smiled:
Dude. I'm smiling right now. Just look two questions up. ;)

- last time you laughed:
About half an hour ago, getting gossip about Dental Informatics with Deb.

- last person you hugged:
Wow. Not sure on that one. Mike kinda tackled me yesterday, but I don't think that was I hug. About a week ago me and Michelle did this whole dramatic crossing the street hug. That could've been it. Or, I think Aymon gave me a big platonic hug sometime last week. It's tough to remember these things. -.-;;;

- last person you kissed:

- last thing you said:

- last person you talked to:
Michael, the annoying dental student and my former (yay!) coworker.

- last person you talked to on the phone:
Creppert. AIM was requiring an update, and I didn't have admin on this computer. :(

- last thing you smelled:
Philly. :-p It's a constant thing.
Actually the last smell I noticed, I think, was incents of Marc's, I think the night before.

Do you...
- smoke?:
Hellz no.

- do drugs?:
Hellz no.

- drink?:
Hellz yes.

- have sex?:

- sleep with stuffed animals?:
Dude. Rudy was the shit, but I haven't slept with Rud in YEARS. Sniffle.

- have a crush?:

- have a boyfriend/girlfriend?:
No, I do not. :)

- have a dream that keeps coming back?:
I rarely remember my dreams, so I might but I wouldn't know. :-p

- play an instrument?:
I used to play the violin and the drums, but that was back in elementry school. I don't remember any of that shiznit.

- have any gay or lesbian friends?:
Indeed, I do. :)

- believe in miracles?:

- believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?:
Yes. Why wouldn't it be?

- like the taste of alcohol?:
Depends on the alcohol in question. Beer I don't like the taste of too much. Some harder stuff I do.

- pray?:

- go to church?:

- have any secrets?
Yes. I'm a shady mofo like that. Although, I keep fewer secrets from some than others.

- have any pets?:
Nah. I'm allergic. :(

- go to or plan to go to college?
Yeha! Temple U all the way! :-D

- talk to strangers who instant message you?:
I used to do that alot. Then I got bored with doing that, so when people I don't know start IMing me, they get about 10 minutes to prove themselves cool enough to take up my time. :-p

- have any piercings?:
Eiw. No.

- have any tattoos?:
Eiw no.

- hate yourself?:
My god. That would be so depressing. :-p

- have "hot spot"?:
I'm confused.

- wish on stars?:

- like your handwriting?:
Eiw! It's horrible.

- have any bad habits?:
Plen-tee. :) No, I'm not going to list them for you people. :-p
(yeah right! like anyone's reading this far. :-p)

- believe in witches?:

- believe in Satan?:

- believe in ghosts?:

- believe in Santa?:

- believe in the Easter Bunny?:

- believe in the Tooth Fairy?:

- have a second family?:

- trust others easily?:
Yes and no. Initially, I trust no one. If you manage to get past my first few layers without pissing me off or making me think you are insensire (most people fail the second test), it's easy to gain my trust and difficult to lose it.
If you fail the first tests, it's possible to win my trust, but it isn't easy.

- like sarcasm?:
I am the living personification of sarcasm. You can call my Mr. Sarcasm if that would make you happy.

- walks in the rain?:
Rain can be very soothing and relaxing... when viewed from under a dry roof. :) I don't like walking in the rain.

- kiss with your eyes closed?:
Mmmm.. I go back and forth with this one. It depends on the moment.

- sing in the shower?:
At home, all the time. I don't do so quite as much over in J&H or 1300.

- think of suicide?:
Nah. I like sticking it out. :-p

- hate the world?:
It's hard to hate a rock.

- have a lot of friends?:
I wouldn't say so. Quality over quantity has always been my philosophy.

- loveable?:
I'd like to think so. :-p

- do you think there is a reason you're living?:
Hm. Interesting question. I don't believe that I live because there is some grand purpose for me or anything like that. But that doesn't mean I think I have no reason to live. Does that make sense? Probably not.

- Are you bored?: Not really.

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