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I was so excited!

I was about to head off to class. Put up the away message and everything. That's when I noticed, "Hey, it's 8:50, not 9:50. I have a whole hour before I get new kung-fu to beat up everyone else's kung-fu." And I was right. I had an hour.

A number of thoughts crossed my mind. What could I possibly do with this newfound time? Well, since I took a bit of a "mental health day" yesterday, I was like, "Damn, Chaz! You ought to do some labs so you can slack off on Friday too! How cool would it be if you showed up and was like, 'Hey guys! I'm just going to print out this lab and run because I'm cool like that. Don't you wish you were cool like me?'"

It would've been great. I had it all planned out. Life would have been happy.

The problem? I haven't been able to stay focused neither in CIS72's lectures nor while reading the boring as all text, written by the lecturer of CIS72. One hour of unexpected time is certainly a gift from Above, but I daresay that it isn't enough to learn assembler and write my lab.

"Oh!" you might exclaim. "What about 68? You are an excelent C++ programmer, so you should be able to whip out a lab for that class like it was your job or something." You would be right on that one, young grasshopper. Problem? I know that the lab requires that we re-implement the same problem posed by labs 1, 2, and 3 using linked lists. However, I do not know the hairy details about the lab, so if I start it now, I'm likely to write code that will need to be redone on Friday. Not hip.

So, here I have a critical choice. It's 9:10. A good 40 minutes before I get my kara-tay on. I can either grab breakfast and feel unproductive or read the 72 text again and feel like I'm about to fall asleep.

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