Chaz Meyers (cpm) wrote,
Chaz Meyers

I'm getting old.

This is pretty sad. It's almost as if I'm losing my memory or something in my not so old age. :-p

Why's that? Because I'm strugling with making an clean, ideal implementation for a fairly trivial problem: linked lists.

This is stuff I did back in high school with no problem. What's wrong? Bah. Granted, the way we went about it in high school really sucked, with global pointers and what have you, and now I'm trying to solve the problem with an abstracted class, hopefully using templates in the final version.

What's wrong? Every time I look back at what I wrote, I look and say 'Ew. What was I thinking? That's horrible. It works, but it sucks at the same time.'

This shouldn't be such a pain. This is the easy stuff. I guess I'll just have to chalk more time into design rather than implementation.

Baka. >.

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