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Chaz Meyers

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highlight [Oct. 13th, 2002|11:56 pm]
Chaz Meyers
(23:47:40) Chaz Meyers: highlight of the evening:
(23:47:55) Chaz Meyers: gotta remember, i've had the lights out trying to sleep like all day.
(23:48:03) noelafraid: okay
(23:48:14) Chaz Meyers: so when i left, everything further than 2 yards or so was all blurry.
(23:48:29) Chaz Meyers: So, whenever I'd look at anything, I'd give it a second look to see what it was.
(23:48:35) noelafraid: ok
(23:48:44) Chaz Meyers: And I most likely was not walking in perfectly straight lines.
(23:49:24) Chaz Meyers: So, on the stretch of park mall right before where it's well lit and all the stores are at, there's two girls (i think) walking in the opposite direction as me.
(23:49:29) noelafraid: ok
(23:50:01) Chaz Meyers: As they walk past me, one chuckles to the other "Oh, what? You want to talk to the drunk boy?"
(23:50:02) Chaz Meyers: dude.
(23:50:03) Chaz Meyers: wtf.
(23:50:14) noelafraid: HA oh chaz
(23:50:15) noelafraid: thats funny
(23:50:16) Chaz Meyers: I was not inebriated by alkeehall.
(23:50:24) Chaz Meyers: I was innebriated by my antibodies, damnit.