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oh, btw. [Oct. 28th, 2002|11:45 am]
Chaz Meyers
[Current Mood |okayokay]
[Current Music |weezer - no one else (acoustic)]

I'm back. You miss me? I knew you did.

NY was fun. Binghamton kiddies get fucking free laundry. What the hell is up with that? I think I realized how much I miss going to a small school. It's kind of odd since the only really small school I ever went to was my second elementary school. Go fig.

There's nothing like seeing familiar sights again when you're on a 6 hr bus ride. First Wawa, then 611 (aka, Broad Street!), then the Health Campus, then home. It felt really cool to be back. Maybe I should leave more often, if coming back gets me so excited. :-p

When I got in, there was an inquisition. What the fuck? Just because I didn't think to mention my departure to too many people.. Hay Zeus. Whore-id. Whore-id I tell you.

Gaim sounds work with KDE now. All I had to do is get the latest updates from the CVS. Silly me.

Now that I have pretty much everything I want working in proper order, I think I'm going to switch distros so I can do everything all over again. :-p Can't decide whether to try Deb or Slack. Part of me wants to see if the Debian installer is half as horrid (whore id! har id!) as I've heard. Another part of me is worried about having to think about dependencies and stuff that would happen with Slack. Still, I feel like I'm never going to use like half the stuff that's on this box because I don't know it's here. :)

Other plans for this week include trying to figure out my cis72 lab, which reminds me of a tangent I will get to later, and mad cis68 work. Our prof hasn't described the entire api he wants us to create for our blatantly c-ish abstraction of binary trees, but he described enough of it that I can do it with some educated guesses. Our last abstraction, of linked lists, was pretty ugly for no good reason so I want to do that up. When I'm finished on that, I want to make a c++-ish class and template abstraction of binary trees. I never got around to doing that for linked lists and that kinda upsets me.

Tangent I told you I'd get to:
Gen's stalker boy pisses me off.
Two reasons: he wouldn't quit hitting on her even though we both made it perfectly obvious that she already has a boyfriend and out of sight doesn't equal out of mind. That, and he copied my 72 lab while I was away from my terminal, helping Gen with her lab! Fucking bastard. I had spent a lot of time working on that thing and was really proud of it. I feel fucking dirty now.

Yes. And I want to learn GTK. Why? I hear it's much prettier than the windows api, and if I remember correctly, it's supposed to be supported on a number of platforms.

I should leave now so I can grab some grub and go to class. I don't wanna, though. Unfair. :)

Remember when I was saying back last spring how cool it was that I was taking 3 comp sci classes? Well... how was I supposed to know that they would all blow the wang? :)

Very odd thought just crossed my mind: Someone should write an LJ client that autodetects mood. How hip would that be? Ha.