Chaz Meyers (cpm) wrote,
Chaz Meyers

I daresay it took less time to download all the drivers and ISO's I needed for Gentoo than it's taking just to print the installation guide.

*sigh* That's what I get for printing from dot matrix rather than setting up my printer downstairs (and paying money for ink, paper, etc.)

Today has been such a waste of a day. I've been trying to switch from Redhat to Gentoo with next to no success. The problem? Onboard ethernet on my mobo, provided by the fine folks at nvidia, require propriety drivers which cannot be packaged with Gentoo.

I need to figure out how to access a tarball which is not part of the iso just so I can manage to make the drivers into existance.

Network? Nope. Need the drivers to get the network card talking.

Burn and mount CD-ROM? Nope. That's where the ISO is. Silly rabbit.

Mount from redhat partition and copy over? Perhaps. I'm not sure how much space I have to work with. The partition is going to end up getting nuked during the install. Interesting.

Either way, I figure it'd be best to have a hard copy of the instructions, so I'm here in a lab waiting for a 17 page manual and a 9 page thread on thoughts about the nforce chipset (which, apparantly, isn't a chipset according to nvidia.) And the damn thing is still printing.

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