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Two days, one entry. yowza. - Chaz Meyers — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Chaz Meyers

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Two days, one entry. yowza. [Nov. 10th, 2002|02:46 am]
Chaz Meyers
Slept in past my first class. Very upsetting. Only class I missed all week.
Didn't do much in lab because I didn't need to.
Went to Phantoms game. Very rawk. Phantoms won, 2 to 1. The game got a lot more interesting after the Admirals got their first and only shot in the second period. The Phantoms didn't start taking the game seriously until then, I think.
Visited Messiah with Marc, Mac, and two Messiah chix whose names I don't remember. Then, me, Marc, and Mac played pool until about 3. My lack of pool skillz are reconfirmed. :)

Slept mad late again. Eiw!
Started getting Gentoo working by finally breaking down and reading the documentation for GRUB. In fact, KDE/X11 was in the middle of being emerge-ed/compiled when I left.
Went home and saw UD's drama. Interesting. Morbid. Interesting.
Cast party at Dietzlers. Got to chill with lots of old school folk. Brian, Dave Griffith, Mark Schreoder, Anne Marie. The list goes on.
Played Brian in 5 games of chess. Lost the first four. The first one was a joke. Neither of us even lost any pieces. How lame. But, our last game was very intense and I didn't need to leave being completely dominated. Me and B might be chilling in a few weeks over in Temple Town during a mutual break in classes. w0rd.

Plans for tomorrow include... um.. going home. :-p And I guess finishing up Gentoo. It's still pretty rough right now. Doesn't even have vi(m)! Heck, the only user on it is root. :-p

If there's any time after that, I guess I'll take another stab at the cis72 lab.

Oh well. I guess I won't be complaining about writting programs in C (as opposed to C++, Java, or Perl) anytime in the near future. :-p