Chaz Meyers (cpm) wrote,
Chaz Meyers

survey? survey!

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From: "Mr. Brian M. Dietzler" <>
Sent: Monday, December 30, 2002 1:47 AM
Subject: SURVEY!!!

> i can't believe i am actually filling this thing out...

Neither can I, big guy.

> 1. What time is it?
10:39 AM on December 30, 2002

> >2. Name as it appears on your birth certificate:
Charles Parker Meyers

> >3. Nickname(s):
Charlie, Chuck, Chaz, Chester, "Hey, you!"

> >4. Parents' names:
Marc and Jane Meyers

> >5. Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake:
10. One big one for 10 years, and 9 normal ones for 9 years. :)

> >6. Date on which you regularly blow out your candles?
July 7th. Which is the same day my dad blows his candles out.
And used to be the day my mom's dad blew his candles out.
And is 3 days before my dad's dad blows his candles out.

> >7. Pets:
My house is a pet-free zone. :)

> >8. Color of eyes:

> >9. Hair color:
Right now? Black, baby! Yeah!

> >10. Piercing:
Hah! I HATE sharp pointy objects going into my skin. :-p

> >11. Tattoos:
Same as above. :)

> >12. How much do you love your job?
The job itself is easy and nice, but I hate my new boss. :(

> >14. Hometown:
Clifton Heights, PA

> >15. Current Residence:
Until the 20-somethingth I'm residing in Clifton, but then it's back to TEMPAH UNIVERSITAH!

> >16. Favorite food:
I think something has to be said for General Tso's Chicken. The General is the shit.
Oh, and *insert obligitory Chicken Marsala for President reference here*

> >17. Been to Africa?
Nope! My old roommate and my best friend have, though. Is that close enough? ;)

> >18. Been toilet papering?
*adds to list of things to do before I die*

> >19. Ever love somebody enough it made you cry? That came from nowhere. I don't think I've actually cried, but I have loved someone enough
to be a depressed fuck for a while. Is that close enough? :-p

> >20. Been in a car accident?
Hahaha. Yes. And I will list them out. I am omitting anything that didn't involve an actual other car.
1) Week after I get my license, guy cuts me off as I'm switching lanes on Baltimore Pike. Minor bumps, and both of our cars look like shit anyway, so we leave it at that.
2) Spring of 2001, I am pulling out of some side street and didn't notice the guy who turned out in front of me had stopped. Oops.
3) On the way to Conneticut, in NY, two cars suddenly stop. The second one hits the first, and then I hit the second.
4) Last summer, I scratched a Mercadies Benz on Roosevelt Blvd. Normally not that big of a deal, but this thing was a week off the showroom floor. Eeek!

> >22. Sprite or 7UP?

> >23. Favorite Movie:
Hrm. I don't really have a 'favorite movie'. Although I think Brian is quite lame for listing Titanic as a favorite. ;) The ship needed to sink, like two hours earlier. :-D

> >24. Favorite holiday:
Hrm. I'm not all that much of a holiday person. I'm all about anything that gets me a day off. :)

> >25. Favorite Day of the Week:
Friday, easily.

> >26. Favorite word or phrase:

> >27. Favorite Toothpaste:
Er. Whatever's in my bathroom. :-p

> >28. Favorite Restaurant:
I'm a big fan of Pica's. :-D

> >30. Favorite Drink:
Pinapple Orange Juice, Chocolate Milk, Water, Wawa flavored Fruit Punch, Lemonade

> >31. Favorite sport to watch:
Hockey. Phantoms r0x0rz.

> >32. Preferred type of ice cream:
> Mint Oreo Cookies 'n Cream
I can't argue with that one.

> >33. Favorite Sesame Street Character:
Big Bird.

> >34. Disney or Warner Bros.:
Easy. Warner Bros.

> >35. Favorite Fast Food Restaurant:
Does the SAC's Charleson Market count? ;)

> >36. When was your last hospital visit?
Last time I visited a hospital was when 'shell went into the ER a few weeks ago.
For me? Can't remember, to be honest. :)

> >37. What color is your bedroom carpet?
Shit. Let me move something...
Ok. Blue.

> >38. How many times did you fail your driving test?
Never. Mwahahaha.

> >39. Last person you got email from before this?
Sr. Aymon. Cute baby pictures. :-D

> >40. Have you ever been convicted of a crime?
Nope. Never caught me. Mwahaha. :)

> >41. Which single store would you choose to Max out your credit card?
Probably either Best Buy or Borders.

> >42. What do you do most often when you are bored?
Chat, video games, program.

> >43. Name the person that you are friends with that lives the farthest?
Hrm. Keni lives in the US right now (temporarally), but he's from England and Africa.
Aymon I think is in the US to stay, but he's from all over.

> >44. Most annoying thing people ask me:
> "Are you gay?"
> OK---NO I am not, I am straight. Yes I am a music major, yes I love
> musical theater, yes I like khakis and a golf shirt, BUT no I am not gay. I
> love women. Now if only they liked me....hahaha
I don't know, Brian. That whole music major thing is pushing it a bit far. ;)

Nah, serious. I haven't been asked that to my face (although I know people have
in the past behind my back! bastards.), but if they did, that would be the most annoying question.

> >46. Who will respond the quickest?
I don't think anyone will respond. :-p

> >47. Who is the person you sent this to that is least likely to respond?:
Hrm.. everyone? :)

> >48. Favorite all time TV show:
God, I really don't watch TV that much.

> >49. Last person you went out to dinner with:
You mean in a date-like context or in general?
In general, probably coombiyaing with Aymon.
In a date-like context, probably Hollie.

> >50. Last Movie you saw:
I watched MIB2 on video yesterday. Last movie I saw in theatres was
Harry Potter, I do believe.
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