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back on track.

I discount last week as being an off week. This is a new week, and it's going to rock, because I say so.

Making lists tend to keep me focus, so here's what I'm doing today.

The following are Things I Need to Do:
  • 8:40 Physics Lab Done
  • 2:40 CIS227 Lecture Done

These are things I Ought To Do Today:
  • Java lab Done
  • Physics problem sets 1 and 2
  • Catch up on IH reading
  • Buy notebooks and folders
  • IBC

These are things I Ought To Do This Week:
  • Try Slackware out, or pick another binary based distro. (No time to compile KDE and Mozilla. :( )
  • Writeup for Physics lab
  • Pretty graphs for 227 Lab.

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