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Spring Break so far.

Well, I've been home for a few days, and this is what I've learned so far:
  1. Paris didn't ruin Joseph, as I had originally thought he would. He didn't make it any better, of course, but he's improved a lot and the cast did a great job. Jeff and Matt were great.
  2. Matt grew hair?? The fuck?
  3. Laura Kane is cool as beans. Please note that statement should be read under the assumption that beans rock.
  4. Home = no productivity.
  5. There probably is such a thing as too much 'That 70s Show'. I have not yet reached that point, however.
  6. Home = no productivity. I blame most of the above points for this, except the first two.
  7. I think this'll be the first break EVER that I'll be hanging out with mad people. Mostly because mad people were like "Hey, let's hang out." People make me happy.
  8. I really miss doing shows.
  9. Mad people include: Brian Dietzler, The Joe of Turkey, and Lauren Peroti (who will have to forgive me because I butchered her last name.)
  10. The next time I open a computer case will be too soon, because I don't want to open computer cases. I break stuff when I do. That's not nearly as fun as it sounds.
This is a conversation I had with my Dad earlier today
Him: Well, these past few weeks have been really bad.
Me: I know.
Him: You don't know the half of it. I don't want to tell you the details.
Me: Ok.
Him: I mean, unless if you want to know. If you want to know I'll tell you.
Me: No, that's ok.
Him: Ok, well you see... * gives details*
That makes me chuckle.
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