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Not too shabby.

I'm a fan of today. I can't get over how absolutely beautiful weather has been! It's great. I wish I could find excuses to be outside more of the time.

Anyone in the Philly area who did not catch the Flyers game tonight were missing out. Epic game against the Leaves ending 3-2 Flyers in triple overtime.

Seemed like I slept forever earlier today, but I'm still tired. I guess I have some sort of debt going on. By going to bed relatively early tonight, maybe I can knock that out and be super productive when I wake up. How cool would that be?

I didn't get any of the work done I wanted to today, but that's OK. I don't have any commitments for most of the day, which means I can wake up, try to figure out what's up with my OS design lab, which is poorly described in my opinion, and then whip out a java lab. Woo.

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    Tue, 19:54: RT @ TheParkerJam: Suppose you are: * in rails in development mode * using cookies for sessions * raising an exception and not…

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    Mon, 12:48: Well, that was an unexpected turn.

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    Fri, 20:07: I made my first comment on a YouTube video. It got 132 upvotes and 28 comments. The clout is definitely already going to my head.

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