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*gasp* A second post in the same day? Say it isn't so!

I just had to point out that I am overjoyed because for the first time ever in my academic career, going to Computer Science class has been incredibly helpful! As many of you know, I have been bitching about a poorly described lab I've been working banging my head on for a week and a half. Well.. guess what? I went to class, and he did half of the lab in class.

I feel tons l33t, because, despite many previous theories, the idiots have not been weeded out of Comp Sci yet. The student who's lab the professor was modifying must have been absolutely clueless. He basically copied and pasted code from the professor's website and was hardly following the demonstration.

Of course, my overly competitive side has now decided that I will 0wn this class for no better than reason than to put the idiots in their place. Beware!
My logic makes sense to me. If the idiots beat me, then I'm an idiot. Therefore, I need to school them to keep a feeling of superiority. It may not be the most 'teamwork oriented' approach to life, but it keeps me motivated.

Heh. If I was Shi, I would've been mad pissy at that kid, though. If the requirements were better described on the course site (read as: if I showed up for the class where the req's were described) I would've been able to make this without any demonstration at all, no problem. In fact, I hope I'll be able to finish the server part this Saturday and the client by Monday. Once I'm out of this rut, I'll be free to churn out Java labs. How cool would that be? Soooo cool.

Actually, it'll be kind of cool. I don't know if anyone else feels this way, but I feel much more satisfied after finishing a C program than a Java program. Like, for example, you notice in all of your GUI progs, you end up having event driven elements you need to keep them as private class varables? Those feel as dirty as globals in C to me!

Lots of people have dropped. I like when the classes are smaller, because I feel more comfortable making comments in class. Putting input into a class is the coolest thing ever. I would maim for a small Physics II class. Sadly, that's not going to happen, as I'm not an Honors Kid.

Aside: a brief break from Beatles has done me lots of good. I love this song. They shall never exclusively be used as Battle Music, though. It makes my Civ's shrink, I'm sure, and provide Aymon and Sammy with plenty of amunition for ribbing. Ack!

I hate Semagic. I wrote the bit about the Beatles first, and as songs switch, it keeps on writing over it! Ack! Mein entry-en.

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