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Fo shiz. Tanks, Laney. - Chaz Meyers — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Chaz Meyers

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Fo shiz. Tanks, Laney. [May. 9th, 2003|11:12 pm]
Chaz Meyers
[Current Music |Our Lady Peace - Life is Waiting for You]

chazMeyers (10:53:24 PM): http://www.asksnoop.com/shizz_frame.php

Auto response from Baritenortone (10:53:25 PM): In the sweet suite, chillin, watchin PJ or outcasting.... MIP!!

Baritenortone (11:01:40 PM): dude
chazMeyers (11:01:47 PM): Dude?
Baritenortone (11:01:47 PM): type in www.whitehouse.com for it
Baritenortone (11:01:50 PM): its HILARIOUS
chazMeyers (11:01:52 PM): Haha.
chazMeyers (11:01:54 PM): ok.
chazMeyers (11:02:23 PM): .com?
chazMeyers (11:02:25 PM): The porn site?
Baritenortone (11:02:46 PM): By entering WhiteHouse.com, yo' ass agree that yo' ass are at least 18 years of age
'n are not in violation of any laws within yo' community, know what I'm sayin'?
Baritenortone (11:02:47 PM): LOL
Baritenortone (11:02:48 PM): good
Baritenortone (11:02:50 PM): you're sharp
Baritenortone (11:02:50 PM): : )
chazMeyers (11:03:04 PM): .gov is funny too.
chazMeyers (11:03:13 PM): President Big Baby Bush Presses fo' Peace in da Middle East
Baritenortone (11:03:35 PM): Welcome."

I don't has much be like, so there ain't much here, know what I'm sayin'? Sorry, know what I'm sayin'?

These pages aren't too flashy, know what I'm sayin'? Putting pretty dressings on something doesn't make that shiznit interesting." It makes that shiznit tacky." I am not sorry fo' that, know what I'm sayin'?

Baritenortone (11:03:59 PM): These are sections hosted by Temple n' shit.
chazMeyers (11:04:07 PM): Haha.
Baritenortone (11:05:52 PM): that shiznit is available at thechaz.nizzle/projects/smb/index.htm.old."
Baritenortone (11:05:54 PM): LOL
Baritenortone (11:05:59 PM): thechaz.nizzle
Baritenortone (11:06:00 PM): hehehehhehe

[User Picture]From: duckssaymip
2003-05-09 08:20 pm (UTC)
just to clarify for all who are reading this, the "you're sharp" comment was in reference to a practical joke I played on Marc involving that web address. :) its noooooot b/c I like seeing 'interns' giving blow jobs to 'politicians' - its because i saw a thing on the news about it :P
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