Chaz Meyers (cpm) wrote,
Chaz Meyers

Not too verbose.

First off, beware the wang. I heart Penny Arcade. Everyone should pennyarcaderss to their friends list because it is awesomeness.

Ah, now for the run of the mill updates on my life. Ha.

Virginia was a long drive. Very pretty, nonetheless. I took off class and work to drive down there. It's weird for it to be Friday and already be on my 3rd day off from class. You see, I have off normally on Fridays. Thursday, my professor took off for some reason. And, Wednesday, I was in VA.

Hopefully, my new web designing job will start taking off soon. I've been emailing clients back and forth for the past week, but haven't had any work to do quite yet.

I am back up to 5 days a week at my job at school. That's a bit of a relief, believe you me. I am still a bit worried about how things are going to work out when full time classes start up, though. What I really need is a weekend job, instead of yet another commitment on my scant weekday hours. However, a weekend job does not seem to be forthcoming. Perhaps I need to look harder.

I've been making slow, but steady progress on NECS. I have been making no progress on the Knuth book. I need to get Two Towers from one of the three libraries at my disposal so I can mix up my lame-o non-fiction reading list with something fun.

I'm a bit disapointed that whenever I'm at my parents house, no one seems to be around. Whenever I'm about to go home, I tell myself that this time it'll be different, and try to make plans before I get home, but in the end the same thing happens. I guess a bit of it is my own fault, since I never really tried to form close friendships with too many people Way Back When. Oh well. Live and learn, I suppose.

Moral of the story, kids? Beware the wang.

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