Chaz Meyers (cpm) wrote,
Chaz Meyers


On the bus ride to the BSL, there was a conversation on the bus regarding whether goats or dogs would be better at protecting sheep. "Well, if you git yerself a goat, you cen keep away dem prediters."

In Tourism and Hospitality today, the professor compared the Puritans to the Industrial Age workers as people who loved work and thought that the only way to live a good life was to work all the time. Um, no. That was because there were no labor laws nor minimum wage, so people had to work insane hours every day to make ends meet.

I don't normally link to jwz because, well, if you wanted to read his stuff, he'd be on your friends list. However, I must agree with him. There are too many god damn people in this world as is, and extracting eggs from fetuses for later donation to infertile mothers is a waste of time and money.

Maybe we need another World War. That always thins out world-wide populations a bit.

It all makes sense now. Nature is a self-balancing system, for the most part. No matter how hard we try to destroy it, this huge chunk of rock manages to heal itself. Garbage decomposes. Ozone slowly replenishes itself. However, how do we explain the viral growth of humans?

Well, Mother Nature has tried to curb us through plagues and disease. She even cooked up a disease that uses our own immune system against us. Mother Nature was on the right track there. Humans are persistent evil bullies, and the best way to limit human population is set humans against humans.

It is also common knowledge that despite our mediocre efforts, generally there are more and better educational opportunities for people originating from richer economic backgrounds. Additionally, due to there being a fixed amount of wealth, the bigger the population becomes, the percentage of the population which is poor goes up.

I don't know if this applies in other countries, but in America the public's perception of the difference between education and intellect is blurred. If people are repeatedly given the message 'the poor, aka the less educated, are not smart', many will believe it eventually.

People elect people they can relate to. If you tell a large group of people they are stupid, they will pick the man who seems to be just as stupid. Clinton is a Rhode Scholar, but his opposition tried to paint him as a bumbling idiot. He won. Eight years later, the Presidential race was between an intellectual and a complete idiot. We all know how that went.

Now we have an idiot in office with a happy trigger finger, delivering ultimatums to the entire world. What better way to knock human population down a few notches than a nuclear war?

Perhaps I've gone too far. Either that, or Mother Nature is a crafty bitch.

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