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4th. Sleep. Reflection. Tomorrow. Calling all cars. Pride.

I almost forgot. How was everyone's 4th of July? I have no complaints. I didn't really do anything, but that's not too far off from normal. On your typical 4th of July, I do nothing and go to a fireworks display. This year, I cut out the fireworks. It is for the better. Fire and explosions are always fun, but the novelty of fireworks has run out with me, I fear.

My sleeping schedule is so inconsistent it's ridiculous. I have no good excuse for waking up at 6am today. Yet, here I am.

I was reading over some of my older posts for the first time in a long while, and two things struck me.
1) I was either much cooler or much lamer back in the day. Did I post so much because I did so much, or because I did so little? Ah, the endless circles we could run with that one.
2) Spelling mistakes anger me. Why did I not use a spell checker? I am going to spell check this post to make sure I don't turn myself into a hypocrite.

Tomorrow, hopefully, will be interesting. It is the first day of the next term, after all.

People should call the apt-apt more often. We have an awesome phone number, and even cooler people on the lines. I promise. We still need to come up with a better name for the apt-apt, but we are hard at work on this matter. This applies to both to people from the Temple and Upper Darby regions. If you are scratching your head, wondering if this applies to you, it most certainly does. This is especially true for people from the Upper Darby area. I have not seen or heard from any of you in 2381294 years, give or take.

This is the first posting I've made in a long time without links to things, memes, or computer geek disclaimers in a long time. Thought I forgot how to? Bah to you.

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