Chaz Meyers (cpm) wrote,
Chaz Meyers

The results are in.

Thank you to everyone who played along with us.
The correct answer is:
We were all born on July 7th.

The final talleys are in. The scores are, as follows:

fuji6100 - 25 points for a good guess + 10pts for "firstpost!" = 35 points.
regression - 25 points for remembering = 25 points.
supacheex - 10 points for remembering people I forgot + 25 points because it's his birthday = 35 points.
tomas360 - 35 points for being a dork :) = 35 points.
justjesstu - 10 points for well-wishing after Aymon's act of dorkdom + 25 points for offering to loan a book = 35 points.
margaritasoup - 10 points for well wishing after Aymon's act of dorkdom = 10 points.
starlalily1979 - 25 points for remembering and marking it down on her calendar = 25 points.
glacialmisery - 10 points for well wishing when I don't even know him/her after Aymon's act of dorkdom = 10 points.

I apologize for not incorporating any well-wishing given over AIM into the tally. We had several power failures while I was at work due to rain, so any messages I received were lost.

Of course, regardless of score, anyone who played is definitely a winner in my book. And anyone who is pouty because the game ended too soon, do not fret. I'll still be here 365 days from today, and every day inbetween too.

I haven't decided if I am going to write a deep introspective post on the merits of being 2 decades old. Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, as Mike pointed out last year, I finally get to say, "Those gosh darn teenagers." Bitchin'.

Oh, and as I pointed out last year, Happy One Day Before Your Birthday, Michael V. Paulouskis! You and Bitner need to move in soon because I miss you both! :)

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