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today is tomorrow.

It's been a weird day. All in all, I would say it's been a net bad day, but that is not to say it did not have bad elements.

For some reason, I have been disliking contractions lately. It is difficult enough to remove it from my informal writing, such as this, so I doubt I will ever get it out of my speech.

Anyway, that was a bit tangental. First of all, some good stuff. Yussef, Aymon's little brother, has been staying with us since Saturday night. It's always nice to get some new blood around here.

After sleeping in and trying out an excellent Half-Life expansion, The Specialist, for much of the day, we went over to a local store to pick up some essentials. As we left, I managed to fill my accident quota for the year.

As I was pulling out of the parking spot, I managed to hit a reject white van from the 80's. Fortunately, there was only minor denting to their door and no one was in their car. However, the lady was crazy. She was yelling on her phone for a while in spanish, and then told me that she called the police. That seemed acceptable, so we all waited for a while. A long while. I had already given the crazy lady my information, so after a while I went to get her information. She said I could get it from her husband, who happened to drive up as she said that. He got out of the car, started yelling at his wife in spanish, and then asked me what happened. I explained what happened, he looked at the car. He then said that it was no problem and told me not to worry. Now, I wasn't sure if he ment that I shouldn't worry about getting the shit kicked out of me, or I shouldn't worry about the car. Either way, I walked back to the car to chat it over with my comrades. We decided to stick around until they leave, at least, since they had supposedly called the police. Fifteen minutes later they pulled away and we jotted down their license plate number. And we wait some more. About 2 hours after the initial complaint, a patrol car comes around, we explain what happened, and he tells us we can go about our business and not to worry about it.

Naturally, I am relieved that it did not end up costing me money, but I feel bad because the whole thing happened, and because we wasted so much time.

The second issue is that we had to return the car to my parents by the end of the day. Aymon and I finally headed out around 8:00pm, and we made excellent time. We were at my house at 8:40pm, which is very nice. Of course, that is when our luck ran out. My dad wanted us to put in an air conditioner in a very haphazard way in my old room. I explained to him numerous times why the way he wanted to go about it was a safety risk, idiotic, and The Wrong Way to go about things. He would hear none of it, so Aymon and I were guilt tripped into putting the unit in the window. It would be easy to not feel bad when the unit eventually falls out of the window and smashes the car, except that would punish my mother more than my father. It is funny that you are always seen as too young to know what you're talking about until you're too senile to remember the rest of the conversation.

That was not the end of our problems. The train we wanted to catch was only available on Saturdays, so we were waiting at the train station for about an hour and a half before we caught the train. By the time we got home, it was 11:45, and Aymon has to be up for work at 5:30am. Lame. Very lame.

So, yeah. It was a mixed day, but all in all, I'm not happy with how it went.

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