Chaz Meyers (cpm) wrote,
Chaz Meyers

chazMeyers (16:46:09): Any more old irish folk picking you up? :)
KfoGLiO721 (16:46:21): no haha
KfoGLiO721 (16:46:23): he was so nice t ho
KfoGLiO721 (16:46:24): haha
chazMeyers (16:46:46): it was cuuuuuuute. :)
KfoGLiO721 (16:47:00): yeah it was
KfoGLiO721 (16:47:00): :)
chazMeyers (16:47:31): see, no old irish dental students hit on me. i'm jealous. ;)
KfoGLiO721 (16:48:10): LOL sorry isn't that a shame?
KfoGLiO721 (16:48:10): :)
chazMeyers (16:48:16): I know!
KfoGLiO721 (16:48:33): i am tired... bleh
chazMeyers (16:48:33): Gosh darn dental students, all being under 25 and all. where's the fun in that?
KfoGLiO721 (16:48:38): LOL haha, no fun in that at all
KfoGLiO721 (16:48:42): you can still do 'em ;)
KfoGLiO721 (16:48:43): haha
chazMeyers (16:48:52): yowza!
chazMeyers (16:48:55): scandalous!
chazMeyers (16:49:08): you gonna call me sometime soon? :)
KfoGLiO721 (16:49:39): lol, if i have time to breathe
chazMeyers (16:49:51): breathing is optional. calling me is not. :-D
KfoGLiO721 (16:49:56): haha
KfoGLiO721 (16:49:58): my birthday is monday
chazMeyers (16:50:03): w00!
chazMeyers (16:50:48): 20?
KfoGLiO721 (16:50:48): you got it
chazMeyers (16:51:08): great! you can join me in going, "Bah! Gosh darn teenagers, with their loud music and long hair!"
chazMeyers (16:51:20): and then ew can go on long walks with our canes.
KfoGLiO721 (16:52:03): LOL HAHAHAHA
chazMeyers (16:52:42): oh, you laugh now, but wait 2 weeks.
chazMeyers (16:52:48): until the arthritus starts setting in.
KfoGLiO721 (16:53:16): LOL
KfoGLiO721 (16:53:19): haha
KfoGLiO721 (16:52:28): put this convo in your LJ PLEASE? its too funny

Who am I to say no to a lady?

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