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Dates, dates, dates

pinkneonchick's birthday is on the 15th, the original date planned for the par-tay. This in itself isn't a big deal, but it would suck if we had to make margaritasoup decide between the two parties, especially since she might be bringing up to three more people with her. ;-)

So, I'm debating on whether to have it on the 8th or the 15th. Both work pretty nicely for Aymon and I. thisoneslife, is that going to conflict with Summer Stage? The only person I've heard of who explicitly said that the 8th is no good was regression. But she was iffy on the 15th anyway.

Talk to me. What works best for you? Give details in the comments.

When works best for you?

Friday, August 8th
Friday, August 15th
Friday, August 22nd
Neither are good, I want to go. Details are in the comments.
Neither are good, I -might- want to go. Details are in comments.
I can't go no matter when it is.
I have no interest in going.

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