Chaz Meyers (cpm) wrote,
Chaz Meyers


My recent social experiment seems to have been a bit of a failure. Oh well. I'm not all that upset.

My computer has been hating me very much lately. For the longest time, it has been spontaniously deciding to not accept any input from neither the mouse nor keyboard, and then stop sending any signal to the monitor. It originally started while at "1300", but it has gotten dramatically worse since moving to Apartment 3. Now Aymon's computer is behaving poorly as well. Our theory.. well, Aymon's theory that I latched onto, is that the flickering lights, inconsistant power supply, and other such nonscence has been detremental to our computers' respective healths. I imagine it would be in my best interest to pick up a new motherboard, but it is also becoming more and more obvious that everyone is going to need to buy a UPS. It's something I probably should have bought years ago, back at 527. The power over there didn't flicker as bad as over here, but it was not great.

The other day, to try to diagnose what was wrong, I reformatted and reinstalled Windows 2000. Since I was reinstalling anyway, I downloaded Firebird instead of the full Mozilla suite. For some reason, from time to time it decides to not like to copy/paste. Does anyone who reads this use Firebird and noticed anything similar? It's odd, I tell you. Odd.

I have been making good progress in "Two Towers". I have finished book three, and am hesitating to go on to book 4. Why? From the first few pages, it looks like it's going to be all about Frodo and Samwise. I fear their travels will be far less interesting than the swashbuckling remainder of the Fellowship, the Armies of Men, and the Ancient Ents.

Towards the end of September, I might be taking a trip to California. It sounds like an interesting change of pace.

Everyone around me seems to not be able to wait for the Fall semester to begin. Am I the only one less than enthused about it? Perhaps it is because I never ended classes this year. Perhaps it is because I have not enjoyed last year's classes all that much. Maybe it is because this passing year was buggered up in almost every way possible? I am not sure. Finding why is probably not all that important, since there is not much I can do about it either way. Time marches on, no matter how much we would like to freeze it, and the summer is more than two thirds expired already.

Has anyone read the "Death Gate Cycle"? It was recomended to me earlier today by a faculty member when he spotted me reading "Two Towers". He gave it such praise that it has been added to the list, but I have never heard of this series before. I am wondering if it is because I live under some weird rock or if it is an undiscovered jem.

It is twenty until twelve o'clock. I am not tired, but that is alright since I have no class tomorrow morning nor do I have any clients to call. No obligations I can address right now, yet there is nothing recreationally I want to do either. This is a very odd, idle state to be in. Hm.

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