Chaz Meyers (cpm) wrote,
Chaz Meyers

penny arcade and housewarming.

Gabriel struck this cartoon with art and words. Bravo; well done.

House warming party is 8:00pm this Friday. Be there or.. be somewhere else.

Who are going to be there, as far as I know:
Myself, Aymon Eid, Graham Smith and significant other, Jess T., Laney B, Laurie Halloran, and Matt Callihan. And, of course, innebriation and good times.

Who might make a cameo appearance:
Michelle DeLucia and Company, Genivive Alfredo, Kristina Foglio.

If anyone needs directions, let me know.

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    Mon, 12:48: Well, that was an unexpected turn.

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    Fri, 20:07: I made my first comment on a YouTube video. It got 132 upvotes and 28 comments. The clout is definitely already going to my head.

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