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Trends. [Aug. 20th, 2003|01:24 am]
Chaz Meyers
It seems like 90% of the time when people write things, it's because they're in a horrible mood and need to vent about one thing or another. Actually, that was one of the topics pyschokhitten and I talked briefly about at kleinchenmich's birthday party. Well, I am in a good mood right now, so I am going to ramble for a bit. :)

First, as a bit of an aside, I have no clue why Firebird keeps on f0x0ring copy/pasting. It makes it hard to make <lj user=...> tags for people with weird LJ usernames when it does that.

Second. I strongly suspect that Temple does not care how much effort I put into their classes. They are more concerned with pushing me through their institution. I expressed my alarm when I got a B- in Operating Systems and Design, correct? I did not get around to the last few labs due to my life going completely crazy.

Well, something even more weird has come around. IH2. I have not shown up for a full week throughout the entire course. I missed at least one week in it's entirity. My professor only received one of the four or five papers which were due. I went to check my grade, expecting to see an F staring back at me. But, no. I got an A. You may think I am weird for bitching about getting a good grade, but I feel like I did not earn this. I am expecting it to turn to an F once he notices the mistake.

Last night I saw "Uptown Girls" with Michelle, Kim, and Tiffany. I am still in shock. Normally when I see a movie, the first thing I do is critique it. Actually, I critique it while it is in progress. When people ask what I thought of the movie, even if I thought it was excellent, I tend to say, "Oh, that movie was good. Except for ....". Now that I think about it, I do that to a lot of things in life. That is getting a bit off track, though. Either way, it is a good thing that no one asked me what I thought about "Uptown Girls", because I have no critique.

I suppose this week I have seen a bunch of people from a few years back. After the movie, we went over Kim's house along with a guy who was at Michelle's party and Grant Jones. It feels like I ran into a lot of people from high school this past week. Grant was yet another one of those people who were in classes I was in and was a name I was familiar with, but was part of the background noise in the sitcom that is my life. Whenever I think about it, it always facinates me how every person has a complete story, yet to most people they are just extras in their own story. I am certain I am not wording that quite as I would like, but the message is still portrayed.

I am anxious to get started on the third book in The Lord of the Rings series. Sadly, though, I have not been able to get in touch with penguinangel at all this past weekend. Laaaaame.

Does anyone find this comic offensive? Asking out of curiousity. That is a bit of a redundant phrase. Would I ask for a reason besides curiousity?

This entry is long enough already.

[User Picture]From: iseebi
2003-08-20 05:23 am (UTC)
Well I'm retarded so I don't understand that comic. So no, I'm not offended. ^_^ There's a DDR machine behind them!!
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[User Picture]From: cpm
2003-08-20 06:53 am (UTC)
Oh, I'm dumb. I linked to the wrong comic. Try now. :)
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[User Picture]From: iseebi
2003-08-20 08:23 pm (UTC)
OHHH...no I love little old Japanese men! EXPLOITATION IS AWESOME!
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From: margaritasoup
2003-08-20 10:30 am (UTC)
We went over Kim's house, not Tiff's ;)
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[User Picture]From: cpm
2003-08-20 11:13 am (UTC)
I suck at life... I mean names. Fixed.
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[User Picture]From: penguinangel
2003-08-21 09:34 am (UTC)


I'm around... sort of... my family is repainting the upstairs and I had to move out of my room into my sister's... ah..... i will trade books with you when a) i can find it and b) when you're in the burbs... by the way I leave for the mawr in a week.. ciao
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[User Picture]From: cpm
2003-08-21 10:10 am (UTC)


Let me know when you find the book. I'll try to get out there when you find it. Heh. Can you tell that I want to finish the series? :)

If you find it and I don't have time to get out to the burbs, bring it to school with you. :-D You said your school was right on a Regional Rail stop, no?
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From: catch2002
2003-08-22 10:12 pm (UTC)
drexel has a semi-similiar way of doing things...professors are reluctant to give A's or F's. they really want everyone to at least pass. I cant blame them though, thats just the way it must work...cant have a class of say 70 sophmores, and have 10 people keep failing, eventually your 70 becomes 100 and you have no room. so its always on the student to learn it him/her self....the great profs are the ones who care...and make sure that..you get it
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