Chaz Meyers (cpm) wrote,
Chaz Meyers


I was very happy to find out last night that I didn't have a speech due tomorrow (which is now today)! Pretty nifty. Of course, that was my last class, so now I need to try to figure out a "Story with a Point" to tell for Friday. And, I have to remember to buy a video tape. Gulp.

nrdysweaterkid totally just Trogdor-ed me. I didn't even realize the guy was sitting directly behind me. I really want a HSR shirt now. James is sporting the Trogdor one, appropriately enough. Oh, oh. Note to self: go to James' housewarming deal on the 3rd. Check.

I'm somewhat impressed by the setup they have in the library. Although I did find a way around them not letting you download and run executables, it seems as though the library doesn't allow arbitrary ssh connections going left and right. I'm not even going to try to vnc to my machine to check if I got any IM's. If I really wanted to do all that, I could just head over to the CIS machines. It's funny that the lab machines aren't as locked down...

Apparantly a huge homework is due today for CIS. I have no fscking clue what it is, though. I got an IM from Gen after I went to bed reminding me about it.. but not saying what the assignment is. That is why she is a total loser. Well, I am too. I'm too lazy to dig through my notebook to find out what the assignment was. Probably something stupid like make an "ENGINEERING NOTEBOOK". This class is so dumb it is not even funny.

I am so not looking forward to Calculus today. Normally I'm lost anyway, but on Monday, on top of that, I took a.. ahem, what did Kelly McFadden used to call them? "Mental Health Days". Haha.

Okay. I'm finished writing now. I'm weird. I hate computers most of the time, I spend all day on them, I have other things I could be doing, yet when I have an hour of free time what is the first thing I do? I head over to the computer lab. Well.. I can partially understand my logic. Both of my morning classes are in the same building and all. And, besides, I wanted to see if I could get away with SSHing to my machine.

Okay. I'm just making excuses. I'm done now. If you can think of any "Story with a Point"s of mine that I might be forgetting, remind me. I have the memory of an old man.

Okay, another tangent. I noticed that logjam has an option to check the XML validity of an entry. Wouldn't it be cool to have something like that for /update.bml and the "post comment" pages? Well, maybe "cool" isn't the right word. Actually, what would really be much nicer would be a client that could post comments. Heh, actually I really won't be satisfied until there's an NNTP interface to LiveJournal. Wasn't someone talking about that before? P'raps not.

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