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"Nay! We are but men! Rock!"

Yesterday, went to Phantoms. They were a bit of a let down, but it was still great because it was hockey.

Today, I worked on this flash didly.
There are parts of ActionScript which do not make any sense to me because I am being dumb. (Right. != for..each. Doh!)
Other parts do not make sense because... I don't know. They didn't ask for my opinion when they designed it. ;) (Why when you add actionscipt to a button not work within the scope of the button and 'this' not refer to the button??)
All in all, I am picking this up pretty quickly, so I'm happy about that.

Tomorrow, lots of Calculus, lots of studying for a midterm, and lots of shopping. Bleh.

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    Tue, 19:54: RT @ TheParkerJam: Suppose you are: * in rails in development mode * using cookies for sessions * raising an exception and not…

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    Mon, 12:48: Well, that was an unexpected turn.

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    Fri, 20:07: I made my first comment on a YouTube video. It got 132 upvotes and 28 comments. The clout is definitely already going to my head.

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