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Chaz Meyers

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[Oct. 23rd, 2003|03:29 pm]
Chaz Meyers

Taken from Kevin Dietzler:
Ok, so I found out last night that my good friend from high school, who moved to Korea after graduation, has landed a career as a pop star, has had the #1 single for the past few weeks and has his OWN show on MTV Korea...how crazy is that?!?!
Check it out...

Timmy was more of an aquantance than a friend, but it's still weird to hear about it.

[User Picture]From: duckssaymip
2003-10-23 12:49 pm (UTC)
Solution to Chaz's college major woes: Move to Korea and sing songs.


I see leaf diapers in your future, Chester!!

Thankfully, they're on a dressing room hanger and you are fully clothed in this vision of mine...

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From: froggidyke
2003-10-24 09:31 am (UTC)
yah thats so freaking weird.
i had heard rumors of him doing that while we were still in HS, but i didn't really know if it was 100 % true.
how odd.Lol
i knew him pretty well from band.
he was a cool kid.
now he's a pop star in Korea!Lol
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