Chaz Meyers (cpm) wrote,
Chaz Meyers

"Your right to life is protected by the First Amendment"

That was a quote from one of the three speeches I had the, ahem, pleasure of listening this morning. I swear, there are 2 or 3 people doing pro-life for their semester topic, and all of their speeches are moronic and boil down to "I believe this so you're a bastard if you don't agree with me." The hell?

Last week, I became interested in learning about client side windows scripting. This is probably due to my fascination with getting machines to do work for me. I got three or four books out of Paley on the subject, and started reading the first one yesterday. It looks like a promising introduction to the subject, but I have a feeling I'm going to have to move on to the other books to become more familiar with the details. Ah, if only I could talk Larry into installing Perl on the machine at work. VBScript is so ugly looking. Yes, there is a language that makes Perl and all of it's gaudy punctuation marks look pretty.

Maybe one day I'll dust off that huge Win32 API book in my room so I can make l33t win32 appz in C instead of making hacks with a scripting language. I think I would have an easier time with it if it was split up into volumes instead of being this massive entity. Every time I pick up that book I feel intimidated.

Whenever I look for fiction in Paley, I come up short. It's a shame, since it's more convenient for me to go here than the library down the street from my house. I know that sounds ironic. Their hours do not work well with my schedule, though. I have two overdue books anyway, so I guess I'll make a trip this week. Any recomendations?

I decided on my roster for the upcoming semester, although some of it is still up to debate.
Communication Deviations and Disorders
I am on the fence on this class. This was the last course I picked and it was the only thing I could find that fit into the schedule I already had set up. It would fill a Writing Intensive, so it would be going toward something, at least. If I find something more interesting to take, though, I'll hop on that class.

Introduction to Distributed Systems and Networks
CIS307. The topic sounds really dry and difficult. In fact, I hear this is the hardest required CS course. On the other hand, it's being taught by my favorite professor at Temple University, Giorgio Ingargiola. Therefore, it shall rock.

Individual, Racism, and American Politics
The last Political Science course I took was pretty decent, so maybe this one won't be too bad. It fills a Race requirement I need. Most of the Race courses look pretty horrible, with the exception of a World War 2 class Mike suggested to me. I'm taking another class when WW2 meets and WW2 is already filled up, unfortunately. I don't entirely object to waiting around for a later WW2 class, but I have no ideas for what to replace this if I did.

Networks & Communications
Gen took this class this semester. She says that the lectures are pretty easy and interesting to sit through, and the labs are challenging. Nice.

Choral Ensemble
I haven't been in a choir for a long time and it's driving me batty. This is the first class I signed up for, and everything else in my schedule is worked around this.

Acting for Non-Majors
I'm a little torn about this class. I haven't done anything theater-like in over a year, so I'm going a bit batty because of that. In fact, this is the second class I picked out. On the other hand, Aymon tells me that Michelle is taking the class and reports that it is horrible and is too much work for just 3 credits. It also fills an Art requirement, but that's the one requirement I'm not too worried about.

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