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Chaz Meyers

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Webpage update. [Nov. 10th, 2003|10:42 pm]
Chaz Meyers
These two scripts I put up are hardly 'projects'. Silly trivial scripts. Oh well.

Anyway. Now you can stalk me more efficiently than ever.* This actually really sucks.
  1. It connects to a remote host.
  2. It doesn't cache the results at all.
  3. The connection to the remote IMAP server is not encrypted.

I know I've seen stuff where you tunnel IMAP over SSH, but I don't think PHP has native hooks for SSH? Plus, that would probably be really slow.

Oh, and this is somewhat useful, but even more simple. Oh well.

* Actually, I don't get much non-spam email, so it won't be that much easier to stalk me. :P

From: catch2002
2003-11-10 09:47 pm (UTC)
that groceries one is sweet. dont you just love perl hashes? such a sweet data structure.
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[User Picture]From: cpm
2003-11-11 09:40 am (UTC)
Agreed. Hashes and regexes are hot.

Heh. It's sad. Two years ago, when I would look at a new language, I would instinctively compare it to C/C++. Now I compare it to Perl. That can't be a good thing.
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