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Chaz Meyers

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[Dec. 14th, 2003|11:32 pm]
Chaz Meyers
[Current Music |Smiffenpoofs - Crazy]

1. Copy this whole list into your journal.
2. Bold the things that you have in common with me.
3. Whatever you don't bold, replace with things about you.

01. I am the oldest child in my family.
02. I am allergic to hamsters, along with just about every other animal.
03. I am not colorblind.
04. I watch TV infrequently.
05. I have seen snow before.
06. I drink occationally.
07. I hate when people type in all caps online.
08. I say "God" out of context too often.
09. I would care if i never saw the sun again.
10. I hate bundling up in the winter and feeling all bulky.
11. One of my grandfathers and one of my grandmothers are alive.
13. I've been used before.
14. I hate bad grammar.
15. Some music makes me sad.
16. I'd rather be too hot than too cold
17. I wear a size 13 in shoes.
18. I love sweatpants.
19. I have studied three different instruments, and cannot play any of them well.
20. I like getting things in the mail.
21. I am a college student.
22. I am easily irritated.
23. I use lukewarm swear words, usually.
24. I might become my parents one day. Oh dear.
25. I do not have AOL.
26. I have taken prescription medication
27. I love hearing new kinds of (good) music.
28. I'm shy.
29. I don't trust many people.
30. I'm single.
31. I expect too much from people.
32. I think tacos are awesome.
33. I procrastinate. A LOT.
34. I rarely wear shorts.
35. I think Slurpees are okay, but I wouldn't say I love them.
36. I am not religious.
37. I make sure I get 8 hours of sleep, when possible.
38. I own exercise equiptment.
39. I'm a good listener.
40. My birthday is in the summer.
41. I'm impatient.
42. I want to live where it only snows on Christmas!
43. I love being independent.
44. I have an extra rib.
45. I don't think that people find me mysterious.
46. I think stereotypes are stupid.
47. I bought more clothes in the past 6 months than I have in the previous 4 years.
48. I'm a music addict
49. Receiving text messages makes me really, really happy.
50. I am loved.
51. I love The Daily Show.
52. I despised junior high.
53. I wish I had done better in high school.
54. I will never finish writing a book.
55. I have had strep and chicken pox
56. I hate shopping.
57. I don't listen to half of the music I have.
58. I have a single bed.
59. I get frustrated when my inbox is full.
60. I was 69 inches for the longest time.
61. I've been in love.
62. I like some rap music.
63. I have a best friend.
64. I am a very private person.
65. I love taking pictures.
66. I haven't created a creative work in a very long time.
67. I hate extremes of temperature.
68. I haven't had a birthday party since I was in the 7th grade.
69. I'd die without electricity.
70. I usually avoid physical contact.
71. I wish I could be a little kid again.
72. I don't like my legs very much.
73. I am unsure of where I am going to be one year from now.
74. I love thrifting.
75. I've been writing in an online journal for about three years.
76. I analyze everything.
77. I fell alot when I tried to learn how to rollerblade.
78. I want to travel.
79. I'm shy when I first meet people but I can also be loud.
80. I've never had my nails done.
81. I am not a virgin.
82. I thought Billy Joel was the coolest guy in the world when I was in elementry school.
83. I like going to shows.
84. I have never bought a CD.
85. I can be very stubborn.
86. I'm growing my hair out.
87. I don't like to wear orange very much.
88. I don't like calling strangers.
89. I love teddy bears.
90. I hate having the feeling that I will fail.
91. I hold back a lot.
92. I like meeting my livejournal friends.
93. I love pastas and noodles.
94. I love sending people things.
95. I worry too much.
96. I think too much about the present.
97. I get nostalgic often.
98. I don't want a tattoo.
99. I don't cry often, if ever.
100. I work better at night.

update 1
In other news, I feel like kicking someone's dog, since I don't have one of my own. I've been working for a big chunk of the day, yet I feel like I got absolutely nothing done besides get frustrated.

update 2
Executed Iraqi dog? I guess that's close enough.

[User Picture]From: duckssaymip
2003-12-14 09:36 pm (UTC)
is that dog symbolic of the US occupation in Iraq or what??

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