Chaz Meyers (cpm) wrote,
Chaz Meyers

Ah, what to do....


The Good Reverend in me has made a list of vacation day guidelines. It includes important things, needed things, fun things, and relaxing things in a very well balanced formula:

  • Jog every morning.
  • Finish all my Christmas shopping, especially Jess' gifts.
  • Rearrange the office the way I've been meaning to for some time now.
  • Spend some time writing personally and without interruptions.
  • Hang pictures.
  • Sort and organize all of our papers and files.
  • Work on Inklog enough that it can at least replace bBlog's functionality.
  • Spend some time taking photographs of places I don't usually go to during the day.
  • Finish reading the book I started so long ago. Maybe even start another one.
  • Play guitar and sing as loud as I want.

Of course, the Bad Reverend has a list of his own:

  • Download porn. Lots of porn.
  • Steal music and movies.
  • Masturbate often.
  • Eat at least one bucket of popcorn each day.
  • Wait until Jess gets home to clean anything, that way I'll have help.
  • More porn.
  • Buy a bunch of stuff for me and tell Jess to put it under the tree "from santa".
  • Masturbate more.
  • Steal more music.

I guess we'll see whose plans win out.

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