Chaz Meyers (cpm) wrote,
Chaz Meyers

I've been kind of meh the past few days, but that's okay.

I think it's because I've managed to become more stressed post finals than during. And I managed to completely fuck up my normal sleeping patterns. Oh well.

The sleeping stuff started on Tuesday. I got up around 6 for some odd reason to study for my Asian Religion final and go over my speech. Did I mention that I'm not looking forward to either of those grades? This semester has been an entire waste, and I can't really blame it on anyone but myself. I wish I could say I'm looking forward to next semester. I can't, though. For many, many reasons. Some of them are my fault, too.

Then, I was surprised to find out that Bitner had an extra ticket to the midnight showing of ROTK, as I posted about earlier. Fun times, definitely. Then the lot of us talked about the books and the movie for an hour outside the theatre. So, sleep didn't really happen until 7. Oops.

Wednesday... I don't know. Nothing really happened Wednesday. No weird not-sleeping. Just work and gym and procrastination.

Thursday was a bit more interesting, I think. While I was at work, Mike, Bitner, and Steve paid the Chef a visit. He didn't have the DVD's and passed the blame on to his druggie friend who helped spirit him out of the apartment. He agreed to pay us back in increments or something. So, everyone seems pretty chummy with the Chef now. I, personally, don't buy it. My opinion doesn't hold that much weight, though, so that is a somewhat moot point.

After work, I dropped by chameleonsblues' place to pick up a space heater which I probably won't be able to use much, since our landlady isn't going to be fixing our electrical issues at all. Ended up bringing her back so she could watch the Two Extendeds with me and duckssaymip. Didn't stay up through the second one since I got sick from something I ate earlier. Fun. I'm not sure why I stayed up so late watching them anyway, since I'm probably seeing them again on Saturday with tomas360, along with ROTK.

Wow. I think that's like 18 hours worth of movies in one week. That's pretty sad.

This morning has been weird, productivity-wise. I got some basic functionality working, but I managed to introduce a race condition. That's going to be annoying to get rid of. I wish I could skip the whole 'learning' stage with ActionScript. I thought I was pretty familiar with it because I thought I was down with EMCA script. I keep on assuming stuff will work one way when it doesn't, though, and it keeps on screwing me over. Example:

SomeClass.prototype.new_function = function () { ... };

It took me a while to realize that makes a closure, not a Real Function, so I have to append "this." to just about everything. Ug.

It doesn't help that I don't know the Right Way to do a lot of stuff. So, I'll try to write something one week, realize I don't know how to do it the way I want to, and make a braindead work around to make it Just Work. The next week, I'll read something that brings insight and I'll go back and fix the stupid parts I made a week ago. Of course, I'll not change one small detail and until I find that detail, nothing will work.

I think I'm done now, since I have to run to school so I can keep my health insurance for next year.

Comments turned off. I'm not bitching for sympathy or anything. I'm just tired and cranky and felt like venting about some frustrations for a little bit.

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