Chaz Meyers (cpm) wrote,
Chaz Meyers

Week in recap.

Christmas is over. But you knew that, since it's the 26th. Unless if you live in some sort of hole. Not that I have any problem with Hole People. Good riddence. Good riddence to Christmas, that is. Not the hole people.

Today should be a little better, at least. I'm going shopping for sheets and groceries and all sorts of fun stuff. It'll be nice to have more than a can of chile, a few cans of tuna, month old cheese, and ramen in the house.

I had work on Monday and Tuesday, which was probably a good thing. Now I get to run around complaining about my forced 9 day vacation instead of my forced 2 week vacation. I have plenty of RF work to keep me busy, anyway. Wee.

Monday I got to run around with penguinangel and pick up craft supplies. That was something different, at least.

I've started reading Yet Another Flash book on Wednesday. I haven't gotten too far in it yet, but it seems more enjoyable to read than the Bible one I had before. Less fluff, more filling.

I've also been taking a second look at PHP/Smarty. I'm thinking of switching NECS over to that, since I haven't found a Perl templating package my non-r00t self can install on my host. I really hate auto-vivication [sp?], though. That's why I turned down PHP several months ago.

tomas360 is coming out to the 'burbs, so he will finally get a chance to see RotK.

While cleaning, I found 10 or so letters from Temple. Looks like I'm going to need to yell at talk to financial aid again. That's hardly anything new, though.

I'm feeling pretty apathetic and non-productive lately. Maybe that'll be fixed after I finish up this RF work? Some of this has been backed up for a really long time and I feel pretty horrible about that. Or, maybe after classes start back up. Who knows.

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