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My little groceries script used to be sufficient, but managing our expenses kept on getting more complicated. I wanted to ask for detailed breakdowns of everything, ways to distribute the Chef's and Tina's costs to others without having 3 different versions of the same file, and I wanted to skip my results, since I already paid myself. :-P

So, I did a rewrite last night.

New usage:
$0 [-s|--skip name] [-v|--detailed name] [-d|--distribute punk=bitch1,bitch2,bitch3] filename

I would name the -d switch --goddamnfuckingchefoption, but that would be a bit much to type out each time.

To give an example, I normally run the command as:
./ -s Chaz -v Bitner -v Mike -d Jason=Mike,Chaz,Tina,Bitner | less

Although, I'm afraid I might soon have to append a: :(
-d Tina=Mike,Chaz,Bitner

As a side note, Perl formats feel really ugly to work with. I think I got the basic idea down, but I can't figure out for the life of me how to say "Hey, this report is finished. Use a new '*_TOP'." So, I did a dumb hack to get around my ignorance. :-\ Google wasn't too helpful. I guess that's because I doubt hardly anyone uses format anymore when HTML tables are more accessable for most people.

This week hasn't been too productive yet. :-\ We showed a new potential roommate around the apt yesterday. It seems likely that we'll have to a new roommate by the end of the month, possibly within 2 weeks.

I haven't gone job hunting yet. I should hop on that soon. Like, yesterday.

For some odd reason, I've woken up at 8:00am every day for the past week or so. If I was still going to bed at 12, I would understand. I haven't been getting to bed until 2 or 3, though. Weirdness.

I completely forgot to pick up my "proof that I'm a student" forms on Friday, so now I have to make sure I get those to Penn sometime today. Or else, no health insurance for me. Yikes.

If I find the time, I think I might go buy a guitar today. The last of my Christmas presents, so to speak. I don't know if I want to do that, though, since I don't know who I could go with. I know very little about those beasties, so I would rather not be screwed over by some commission craving wench.

In all honesty, I'm looking forward for the next semester, even if it's going to kill me. Routine is a good thing to have. I wasn't looking forward to Christmas, I'm not looking forward to New Years, and I'm not looking forward to the following month of nothing. It's been a good 5 years since I've enjoyed this time of the year. Having a holiday based around obligatory gifts seems... shallow. There's a better word I'm looking for, but I can't think of it. Likewise, constant imagry of how everyone should be spending time with friends and family is dumb. If you like spending time with friends and family, you should be doing that all year round, not when Halmark suggests it. For people who don't like spending much time with others, the whole marketing campaign is a deliberate guilt trip hoping to sell a few more boxes of candy and cards.

I think I'm done now.

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