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  • Buying a guitar was probably a mistake. It sits, in its untuned glory on my camp chair, taunting me.
  • Did hella lotta work this weekend, but it's not finished yet. Maybe I'll finally be done with the glut of this project by the end of tonight? That would be pretty sweet.
  • I finally stopped sucking at Lab 1 a few days ago, so I don't feel like a complete idiot. I do think I need to start writing stuff out before sitting at the keyboard. My age is catching up with me.
  • I've fallen off the soda wagon. I need to go cold turkey. :-P
  • What me and Mike thought would happen at the grammies:
    Paul: 'ello. I'm Paul. Where's Ringo? Where's Ringo?
    (cut to Ringo, in London)
    Ringo: 'ello. My name is Ringo, and I am over here in my living room because no one invited me.
    What actually happened:
    'ello. My name is Ringo. And I am on television.
    Mike: Paul and Ringo didn't show up to the Beatles tribute.
    Bitner: Ringo didn't show up? Why not? Did he have something on the stove?
    I'm not going to talk about Sting vs. Dave Matthews during the tribute, 'cause Jess will probably kill me. :)
  • I haven't written about the new roommate yet, unlike other people. It doesn't seem like she's the type to eat kittens for lunch so far. On the other hand, the Chef didn't initially seem to be the type to steal DVD's. In the meantime, I will continue to warn neighbors to keep their cats off the street. ;) Nah, she doesn't seem horrible yet. We'll see.
  • Have you RSVPed yet? And are you bringing cookies?
  • Blah. I want ITunes music detection. :-P
  • That's all I got.

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