Chaz Meyers (cpm) wrote,
Chaz Meyers

Typical OMG THS IZ WAT I DID post.

  • Met tomas360 for lunch.
  • Work
  • Went to gym with Ay and psikoticsilver, which was awesome since I haven't been to the IBC at least since break.
  • Afterwards, went over to Carlisle. While I was down there, Bitner was hanging out/drinking with my Acting For Non-Majors instructor up at the apt-apt.
  • Eventually drug myself home.
  • justjesstu was supa awesome and gave me a ride down to Temple.
  • Weirdness with h@x0r1ng the library computers, homeless bums, and causing unintentional injury to chameleonsblues all while waiting for the show to start. Oops.
  • Saw Glass Managerie for class with finnell1912. I think he made a phone post during intermission. He didn't seem to thrilled with the show. :-P I thought it was decent.
  • Ran into Bitner with a supa hot chica. Go team Bitner! ;-)
  • Went to that bar in Park Mall I am not going to try to spell and ran into duckssaymip, Jess, and bbfrombkln. While there, rumor has it that I screwed Jess and got a free drink. ;-)
  • Went to my parents' with Mike. While home, we picked bought groceries, dropped off a vacuum cleaner for my grandmother, and went to Picas. Now 2 of the 5 people I said I would be dragging to Picas have gone. Nice.
  • While out, I picked up a new camera. Expect new icons that actually look like me in the near future. Hopefully. ;-)

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